Neurotheory Seminar Series

Unless stated otherwise, seminars are at 11:15 a.m in the 7th floor conference room (room 719) of the Kolb Annex of the NY State Psychiatric Institute (at the corner of 168th St. and Haven Ave. - view map).

Fall 2016

Friday, 9 Sep 2016
Aude Oliva
Mapping the spatio-temporal dynamics of perception in the human brain
Friday, 23 Sep 2016
Claudia Clopath
Imperial College London
Emergence of functional microcircuits
Friday, 30 Sep 2016
Uri Hasson
Hierarchical process memory: memory as an integral component of information processing
Friday, 7 Oct 2016
Lisa Giocomo
Identifying the algorithms for calculating spatial maps
Friday, 14 Oct 2016
Timothy Lillicrap
Google DeepMind
Augmenting deep networks with reinforcement learning and memory
Friday, 21 Oct 2016
Carlos Brody
Flexible sensorimotor routing in the rat
Friday, 28 Oct 2016
Jeffrey Magee
A fundamental cortical microcircuit computation
Friday, 04 Nov 2016
Jonathan Pillow
Single-trial dynamics of neural activity in parietal cortex during decision-making
Friday, 18 Nov 2016
Elad Schneidman
Weizmann Institute
Learning a thesaurus for a neural population code and a neural metric for stimulus space
Friday, 2 Dec 2016
John Krakauer
Johns Hopkins University
Thinking about the components of motor skill
Friday, 9 Dec 2016
Adam Kepecs
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Decision confidence: statistical principles and neural coding
Friday, 16 Dec 2016
Riccardo Zecchina
Politecnico di Torino
The propensity of neural network architectures to learn and generalize

Spring 2016

Friday, 15 Jan 2016
Mala Murthy
Neural mechanisms for dynamic acoustic communication in flies
Friday, 29 Jan 2016
David McCormick
Neural mechanisms of optimal performance
Friday, 12 Feb 2016
Byron Yu
Carnegie Mellon
Internal models for interpreting neural population activity during sensorimotor control
Friday, 19 Feb 2016
Srini Turaga
Computational methods to enable anatomic reconstruction of neural circuits
Friday, 4 Mar 2016
Zach Mainen
Serotonin in prediction and control
Friday, 11 Mar 2016
Angela Yu
Predicting the unpredictable: Wisdom or folly?
Friday, 18 Mar 2016
Kwabena Boahen (seminar moved to BCMC workshop)
Friday, 25 Mar 2016
Ann Hermundstadt
Patterns in nature shape human visual perception
Friday, 1 Apr 2016
Rony Paz
A geometric framework for rule-learning in primate neurons
Friday, 8 Apr 2016
Venkatesh Murthy
Stimulus segregation and categorization in olfaction
Friday, 15 Apr 2016
Christian Machens
Learning to represent signals spike by spike
Friday, 22 Apr 2016
Alex Reyes
Scaling of synaptic strength with network size: Effects on excitatory/inhibitory balance and network dynamics
Friday, 29 Apr 2016
Yoshua Bengio
Bridging the gap between deep learning and neuroscience
Friday, 6 May 2016
Kanaka Rajan
Recurrent network models of sequence generation and short-term memory
Friday, 13 May 2016 (seminar time changed to 12:15pm)
Athena Akrami
Context dependent parametric working memory - trial history vs. incoming sensory input

Fall 2015

Friday, 18 Sep 2015
Ilya Sutskever
Recent results on sequence learning with neural networks
Friday, 25 Sep 2015
Karel Svoboda
Probing neuronal dynamics in premotor cortex during motor planning
Friday, 2 Oct 2015
Barani Raman
Relating neural dynamics with olfactory coding and behavior
Friday, 9 Oct 2015
Tim Vogels
Memories and antimemories
Friday, 23 Oct 2015
Bingni Brunton
Extracting spatio-temporal coherent patterns in large-scale recordings using dynamic mode decomposition
Friday, 30 Oct 2015
Konrad Kording
Cracking the neural code: A cryptography approach to mind reading
Friday, 6 Nov 2015
Andreas Herz
BCCN Munich
Decoding the population activity of grid cells for spatial localization and goal-directed navigation
Friday, 13 Nov 2015
Helen Mayberg
Up from stuck: Reconsidering primary mechanisms of deep brain stimulation for depression
Friday, 20 Nov 2015
Dean Buonomano
Teaching in vitro and artificial neural networks to tell time and discriminate spatiotemporal patterns
Friday, 4 Dec 2015
Shaul Druckmann
Relating circuit dynamics to computation: Dimension-specific computation in cortical dynamics
Wednesday, 9 Dec 2015
Ken Harris
Organization of neuronal population activity in sensory cortex
Friday, 11 Dec 2015
Adrienne Fairhall
Synchrony and variability in birdsong

Spring 2015

Friday, 13 Feb 2015
Marc Howard
Boston University
A scale-invariant representation of time, space and number
Friday, 20 Feb 2015
Surya Ganguli
Stanford University
Towards a theory of single trial neural data analysis
Friday, 27 Feb 2015
James Haxby
Dartmouth University
A common model of representational spaces in human cortex
Friday, 13 Mar 2015
Michael Graziano
Princeton University
Consciousness and the Social Brain
Friday, 20 Mar 2015
Dima Rinberg
Concentration invariant odor identity coding
Friday, 27 Mar 2015
Il Memming Park
Stony Brook University
Dynamic correlations between visual and decision areas during perceptual decision-making
Friday, 3 Apr 2015
Pieter Abbeel
UC Berkeley
Machine learning and optimization for robotics
Friday, 10 Apr 2015
Lee Miller
Northwestern University
Development of an afferent neural interface designed to mimic natural proprioception
Friday, 17 Apr 2015
Markus Meister
Neural computations in the retina: from photons to behavior
Friday, 24 Apr 2015
Alex Roxin
Centre de Recerca Matematica, Barcelona
Synchrony and firing rate in neuronal networks: An exact meanfield approach
Friday, 1 May 2015
Thomas Serre
Brown University
Towards a system-level theory of computation in the visual cortex
Friday, 8 May 2015
Conor Liston
Cornell University
Friday,15 May 2015
James DiCarlo
Neural mechanisms underlying visual object recognition
Friday, 22 May 2015
Florian Engert
Harvard University
Modular neural circuit architecture for optic flow processing in the larval zebrafish

Fall 2014

Friday, 26 Sept 2014
Lila Davachi
Life of a memory: associative memory formation and consolidation
Friday, 3 Oct 2014
Odelia Schwartz
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Flexible Gating of Contextual Influences in Natural Vision
Friday, 10 Oct 2014
Bijan Pesaran
A role for coherent activity in decision making and movement coordination
Friday, 24 Oct 2014
Vlad Itskov
Pennsylvania State University
Topological analysis reveals intrinsic structure in neural correlations.
Friday, 31 Oct 2014
Ethan Bromberg-Martin
Columbia University
Friday, 7 Nov 2014
Gabriel Kreiman
Harvard University
Friday, 21 Nov 2014
Israel Nelken
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Friday, 5 Dec 2014
Jose Carmena
UC Berkeley
Large-scale neural circuit dynamics during neuroprosthetic learning
Monday, 15 Dec 2014
Herbert Jaeger
Jacobs University

Spring 2014

Friday 10 Jan, 2014
Mark Goldman
UC Davis
Microcircuits for short-term memory storage and neural integration.
Friday 17 Jan, 2014
Emilio Salinas
Wake Forest University
Modeling urgent choices: how perception modulates ongoing motor plans.
Friday 31 Jan, 2014
Michele Rucci
Boston University
Seeing with jittering eyes.
Friday 21 Feb, 2014
Nicho Hastopoulos
University of Chicago
Spatio-temporal patterning in motor cortex.
Friday 7 March, 2014
Don Katz
Cortical ensemble dynamics of naturalistic deision-making.
Friday 14 March, 2014
Manuel Schottdorf
MPI Gottingen
Orientation preference in V1 - how much choice do neurons have?
Friday 21 March, 2014
Michael Mauk
The University of Texas at Austin
The enemy of my enemy: contributions of inhibition of inhibition in cerebellar learning.
Friday 28 March, 2014
Michael Stryker
A neural circuit that controls plasticity and the gain of sensory responses in mouse visual cortex.
Friday 4 April, 2014
Naoshige Uchida
Harvard University
Arithmetic of dopamine reward prediction errors.
Friday 11 April, 2014
Josh Tenenbaum
The origins of common sense: Modeling human intelligence with probabilistic programs and program induction.
Friday 18 April, 2014
Lai-Sang Young
Emergent dynamics in a model of visual cortex.
Friday 25 April, 2014
Paul Glimcher
Cortical normalization and the neurobiology of choice.
Friday 2 May, 2014
Nicolas Brunel
University of Chicago
Inferring learning rules from distributions of rates.
Friday 9 May, 2014
Glenn Turner
Cold Spring Harbor
Olfactory signaling in mushroom body output neurons - neural coding as a circuit converges.
Friday 16 May, 2014
Stephanie Palmer
University of Chicago
A new database for natural motion and how it can inform us about prediction in the brain.
Friday 23 May, 2014
Ariel Amir
Aging and memory effects in glasses.
Friday 30 May, 2014
John Duncan
University of Cambridge
A core brain system in assembly of cognitive episodes.
Friday 6 June, 2014
Michale Fee
Neural clocks and noisemakers: Mechanisms underlying the temporal structure of complex learned behaviors.

Fall 2013

Friday 13 Sept, 2013
Vijay Balasubramanian
University of Pennsylvania
The Sense of Place: Grid Cells in the Brain and the Transcendental Number e
Friday 20 Sept, 2013
Vladimir Vapnik
NEC Labs
Teacher-Student Learning Model
Friday 27 Sept, 2013
Jennifer Raymond
Stanford University
Neural Error Signals in the Cerebellum
Friday 4 Oct, 2013
Mitya Chklovskii
Janelia Farms
Understanding Neural Computation Using Insights from Connectomics and Theory
Friday 11 Oct, 2013
Yann LeCun
Learning Representations of the Perceptual World
Friday 25 Oct, 2013
Ralf Haefner
Brandeis University
Noise Correlations, Choice Probabilities and Psychophysical Kernels: What They Tell Us about Sensory Decoding and Probabilistic Inference in the Brain
Friday 1 Nov, 2013
Leslie Valiant
Harvard University
A Computational Theory of Cortex and Hippocampus
Friday 15 Nov, 2013
Edward Farhi
Quantum Mechanics as a Computational Resource
Friday 22 Nov, 2013
Mike Shadlen
Columbia University
Consciousness as a Decision to Engage
Friday 6 Dec, 2013
Giulio Tononi
University of Wisconsin - Madison
From Phenomenology to Mechanisms, and Back: An Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness
Friday 13 Dec, 2013
Eero Simoncelli
Embedding of Prior Probabilities in Sensory Systems

Spring 2013

Friday 11 Jan, 2013
Alexei Koulakov
Cold Spring Harbor Lab
Deciphering the olfactory code
Friday 18 Jan, 2013
Yali Amit
University of Chicago
A simple network model for a variety of delay match to sample tasks
Friday 25 Jan, 2013
Alessandro Treves
International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA)
A phase transition into higher cognition
Friday 1 Feb, 2013
Ila Fiete
University of Texas, Austin
Evidence of a new (exponentially strong) class of population codes in the brain
Friday 8 Mar, 2013
Randall O'Reilly
University of Colorado, Boulder
How adaptive control emerges from multiple intracting brain systems
Friday 15 Mar, 2013
Misha Ahrens
Janelia Farm
Functional circuit discovery via whole-brain imaging at cellular resolution using light-sheet microscopy
Friday 22 Mar, 2013
Carl Petersen
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL)
Synaptic mechanisms of sensory perception
Friday 29 Mar, 2013
Nicole Rust
University of Pennsylvania
The neural mechanisms involved in finding objects and switching between targets
Friday 5 April, 2013
Jonathan Pillow
Uniersity of Texas, Austin
Beyond Barlow: a Bayesian theory of efficient neural coding
Friday 12 April, 2013
Bence Ölveczky
Harvard University
Functional modularity in motor skill learning
Friday 19 April, 2013
Kresimir Josic
University of Houston
Measuring and interpreting correlated neuronal responses
Friday 26 April, 2013
Stephen Scott
Queen's University
Putting sensory back into motor control
Friday 3 May, 2013
Eva Pastalkova
HHMI Janelia Farm
Internally generated hippocampal activity and episodic memory
Friday 10 May, 2013
Nathaniel Daw
New York University
Computational mechanisms for learning from reward: Beyond reinforcement
Friday 17 May, 2013
Christian Machens
Champalimaud Foundation
Efficient coding and balanced networks: a unification
Friday 24 May, 2013
Jonathan D. Victor
Weill Cornell Medical College
How high-order image statistics shape cortical visual processing
Friday 31 May, 2013
Michael Kahana
University of Pennsylvania
The neurophysiology of human spatial navigation and episodic memory
Friday 7 June, 2013
Maneesh Sahani
Gatsby Foundation
Inferring latent dynamical state from ensemble neuronal activity
Friday 14 June, 2013
Michael Yartsev
Princeton University
Neural representation of two- and three- dimensional space in the hippocampal formation of behaving bats

Fall 2012

Friday 28 Sept, 2012 - 12:00PM
Patrick Roberts
Oregon Health & Science University
Simulating symptomatic treatments for neurological and psychiatric disease to improve drug development and discovery
Friday 5 Oct, 2012
Arianna Maffei
SUNY Stony Brook
Experience-dependent plasticity of thalamocortical and cortico-cortical circuits
Friday 19 Oct, 2012
Francesco Battaglia
University of Amsterdam
Behavioral strategy dependent, NMDA receptor modulated changes in hippocampal dynamics and spatial representations
Friday 26 Oct, 2012
John Cunningham
Washington University, St Louis
From single neuron statistics to neural population analyses
Friday 2 Nov, 2012
Guilio Tononi
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Canceled due to storm.
Friday 9 Nov, 2012
Tatyana Sharpee
The Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Minimal models of neural responses to natural stimuli
Friday 16 Nov, 2012
Fred Wolf
Max Planck Institute, Göttingen
Deterministic chaos in balanced state networks
Friday 30 Nov, 2012
Daeyol Lee
Reinforcement, punishment, and basal ganglia
Friday 7 Dec, 2012
Robert Gütig
Max Planck Institute, Göttingen
Self-supervised neuronal processing of sensory streams
Friday 14 Dec, 2012
Mark D'Esposito
UC Berkeley

Spring 2012

Friday 13 Jan, 2012
Arno Klein
Columbia University
Brain Labelling
Friday 20 Jan, 2012
Matthew Harrison
Brown University
Learning the Network Structure of Cortical Microcircuits
Friday 17 Feb, 2012
Haim Sompolinsky
Hebrew University
Sensory Selectivity in Random Cortical Circuits
Friday 9 Mar, 2012
Anne Churchland
Cold Spring Harbor
Putting the pieces together: integrating information across time and sensory modalities for decision-making
Friday 16 Mar, 2012
Wei Ji Ma
Baylor College of Medicine
Probabilistic inference in visual cognition
Friday 23 Mar, 2012
John Wixted
UC San Diego
A cellular and systems consolidation theory of forgetting
Friday 6 Apr, 2012
Loren Frank
Awake replay in the hippocampus: Is it memory?
Friday 13 Apr, 2012
Maurizio Mattia
ISS Heterogeneous attractor cortical modules for motor planning in premotor cortex and other
Friday, 20 Apr, 2012
Mikhail Rabinovich
Cognitive information flow dynamics
Friday 27 Apr, 2012
Howard Eichenbaum
Boston University
The hippocampus in space and time
Friday 11 May, 2012
Joshua Gold
University of Pennsylvania
Rational regulation of learning by pupil-linked arousal systems
Friday 18 May, 2012
Jack Gallant
UC Berkeley
System identification of visual and cognitive systems
Friday 25 May, 2012
Winrich Freiwald
Rockefeller University
Taking apart the neural machinery of face processing
Friday 1 June, 2012
Brent Doiron
University of Pittsburgh
Neural variability and its modulators

Fall 2011

Monday 19 Sep, 2011 - 12:30PM
Emo Todorov
University of Washington
Optimal control in biology and engineering
Friday 23 Sep, 2011
Paul Miller
Brandeis University
Memory, associations and solving cognitive tasks by plasticity in randomly connected neural circuits
Monday 26 Sep, 2011 - 12:30PM
Shaul Druckmann
Janelia Farm
Overcomplete representations and neuronal circuit dynamics
Friday 30 Sep, 2011
Dean Buonomano
Short-term Synaptic Plasticity, Neural Dynamics, and Telling Time
Friday 7 Oct, 2011
Pentti Kanerva
Stanford University
Computing with Large Neural Circuits
Friday 14 Oct, 2011
Ofer Tchernichovski
City College
Vocal exploration and syntax learning in songbirds
Friday 28 Oct, 2011
Jens Kremkow
SUNY Optometry
The role of excitation-inhibition correlation in cortical information processing; Adaptive sampling of visual stimuli in thalamic and cortical neurons
Friday 4 Nov, 2011
Richard Hahnloser
ETH Zurich
Neural coding in the auditory forebrain of songbirds
Friday 18 Nov, 2011
Michael Graupner
Synaptic input correlations during spontaneous activity evoked in vitro in the auditory cortex
Friday 2 Dec, 2011
Shimon Marom
Interpretations of response fluctuations in neurons, networks and simple behavior
Friday 9 Dec, 2011 Bill Bialek
Princeton University
Birds, brains, and B-cells

Spring 2011

Friday 4 Mar, 2011
Zach Mainen
ChampalimaudFriday 8 Apr, 2011
Todd Coleman
Friday 14 Jan, 2010
Randy Bruno
Columbia University
Wakefulness abolishes cortical up-down states
Friday 28 Jan, 2010
Edward Wallace
University University of Chicago
Noise-driven synchrony in spiking neural networks: avalanches and quasi-cycles
Friday 4 Feb, 2011
Bill Newsome
Stanford University
Linking action to reward: a dynamical systems approach to prefrontal cortex activity
Friday 11 Feb, 2011
Daniel S Fisher
Stanford University
Can Evolutionary Dynamics Be Understood Quantitatively?
Friday 18 Feb, 2011
Jozsef Fiser
Brandeis University
Statistically optimal inference and learning in the cortex: behavioral and neural evidence and a computational framework
Friday 11 Mar, 2011
Asohan Amarasingham
An Analysis of Connectivity in a Neuronal Population
Friday 18 Mar, 2011
Ruben Moreno Bote
University of Rochester
Weak synchrony in networks with finite input information
Friday 25 Mar, 2011
Robert Shapley
The Rise and Fall of the Receptive Field Hypothesis in V1 Cortex
Friday 1 Apr, 2011
Alain Destexhe
Extracting signatures of neuronal activity from local field potentials
Friday 15 Apr, 2011
Michael Spratling
King's College London
A Predictive Coding Model of V1 Response Properties, Gain Modulation, and Visual Attention
Friday 22 Apr, 2011
Thierry Emonet
Yale University
A bacterium's perspective on chemosensing and exploration
Friday 29 Apr, 2011
Sheila Nirenberg
Cornell University
Testing hypotheses about coding and computation in the visual system... and something new about retinal prosthetics
Friday 6 May, 2011
Robert Froemke
Long-term modification of cortical synapses improves sensory perception
Thursday 12 May, 2011, 2:00PM
Byron Yu
Carnegie Mellon University
Extracting shared firing rate fluctuations from neural populations
Friday 13 May, 2011
Geoff Hinton
University of Toronto
How to force unsupervised neural networks to discover the right representation of images
Friday 27 May, 2011
Michael Frank
Brown University
Mechanisms of hierarchical reinforcement learning and action selection in corticostriatal circuits
Friday 3 June, 2011
Adrien Peyrache
Rutgers University
Organization of cell assemblies in the hippocampal-neocortical network: implication of sleep in memory formation and learning
Friday 10 June, 2011
Romain Brette
Ecole Normale Supérieure
Dynamics of neural excitability
Friday 17 June, 2011
Tiago Maia
Columbia University
Neuromodulators, the brain, and behavior: Computational and empirical investigations
Friday 24 June, 2011
Tatiana Engel
Yale University
Flexible decision making and learning in networks with a working memory circuit

Fall 2010

Wednesday 15 Sep, 2010
Gustavo Deco
Pompeu Fabra University
How Local Network Oscillations lead to Functional Networks during Rest
Friday 24 Sep, 2010
Michiel Remme
The Role of Ongoing Dendritic Oscillations in Single-Neuron Dynamics
Friday 1 Oct, 2010
Yoram Burak
Visual inference amid eye movements
Friday 8 Oct, 2010
John Hopfield
What is Thinking? The dynamics of mental exploration
Friday 15 Oct, 2010
Tony Zador
Cold Spring Harbor
Timing in the auditory cortex
Friday 22 Oct, 2010
James DiCarlo
Untangling object recognition: The convergence of systems neuroscience and computer vision.
Friday 29 Oct, 2010
Steve Grossberg
Boston University
The Hippocampus as a Cognitive Map: From Grid Cells to Navigation
Thursday 4 Nov, 2010 - 12:00PM
Wulfram Gerstner
From Hebb to STDP to neuromodulation - Modeling reward-modulated synaptic plasticity
Friday 5 Nov, 2010
Carlos Brody
Near-optimal integration of evidence for decision-making in the rat
Friday 19 Nov, 2010
Emery Brown
Characterizing General Anesthesia-Induced Loss of Consciousness
Friday 3 Dec, 2010
Yuriy Mishchenko
Columbia University
Bayesian inference of neural connectivity from calcium imaging data in the presence of hidden inputs
Friday 10 Dec, 2010
Simona Cocco & Remi Monasson
Princeton University
Two inverse approaches to infer functional interactions from the spiking activity of a neural population

Spring 2010

Spiking Correlations in Recurrent Cortical Circuits
Energy Efficiency in Single-Neuron Models
Friday 8 Jan, 2010
Dezhe Jin
Penn State
Neural basis of song syntax in songbirds
Friday 15 Jan, 2010
Nate Sawtell
Columbia University
Mechanisms for sensory prediction in a cerebellum-like circuit
Friday 22 Jan, 2010
Suzana Herculano-Houzel
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
How the cortex gets its folds: connectivity-driven white matter scaling and folding in primate brains
Friday 29 Jan, 2010
Matthias Kaschube
High-precision cross-scale analysis of cortical development and tissue morphogenesis
Friday 12 Feb, 2010
Glen Prusky
Stimulating Experience-Dependent Plasticity of Vision Over the Lifespan
Friday 5 Mar, 2010
Paul Tiesinga
UNC Chapel Hill
The role of interneuron diversity in the cortical circuit for attention
Friday 12 Mar, 2010
Bruno Olshausen
UC Berkeley
Hierarchical models of vision via factorization of sparse components
Friday 19 Mar, 2010
Ed Ott
University of Maryland
Emergent Behavior in Large Systems of Coupled Plase Oscillators
Friday 26 Mar, 2010
Nancy Kopell
Boston University
Rhythms, cell assemblies and binding in the nervous system: From physiology to function
Friday 2 Apr, 2010
Jay McClelland
Dynamics of decision making: Theory, Physiology, and Behavior
Friday 9 Apr, 2010
Jose-Manuel Alonso
SUNY State College of Optometry
Functional circuits in primary visual cortex
Friday 16 Apr, 2010
Nicolas Brunel
Universite Rene Descartes
Spike-timing and firing-rate dependent plasticity as calcium-induced transitions in a bistable synaptic model
Friday 23 Apr, 2010
David McCormick
The Neocortex Operates in a Sparse and Reliable Regime
Friday 30 Apr, 2010
Reza Shadmehr
Johns Hopkins
Internal models in motor control
Friday 7 May, 2010
Eero Simoncelli
Bayesian perception and representation of visual motion
Friday 14 May, 2010
Michael Kahana
U. Penn
Context and episodic memory
Friday 21 May, 2010
Jaime de la Rocha
Alfonso Renart
Friday 28 May, 2010
Terry Sejnowski
A New View of the Neuropil
Friday 9 July, 2010
Michael DeWeese
UC Berkeley
Minimum Probability Flow: a novel machine learning technique for parameter estimation
Friday 23 July, 2010
Zhe Chen
Precise Mapping of Visual Receptive Fields by Tomographic Reconstruction
Thursday 29 July, 2010
Biswa Sengupta
Cambridge University

Fall 2009

Friday 18 Sep, 2009
Aurel Lazar
Columbia University
Population encoding with Hodgkin-Huxley neurons
Friday 25 Sep, 2009
Vladimir Vapnik
NEC Labs
A New Learning Paradigm: Learning Using Privileged Information
Friday 2 Oct, 2009
Barak Pearlmutter
NUI Maynooth
Friday 23 Oct, 2009
Kresimir Josic
University of Houston
Correlation transfer and coding in neuronal populations
Friday 30 Oct, 2009
Partha Mitra
Cold Spring Harbor
Darwin In The Lab: Experimental Evolution Studies in Finches and Fruit Flies
Friday 6 Nov, 2009
David Terman
Ohio State
Some mathematical modeling issues associated with Parkinson's disease
Friday 13 Nov, 2009
Eve Marder
Beyond Optimality: Parameter Variance in Healthy Brains
Friday 4 Dec, 2009
Tony Movshon
Feedforward systems for encoding and decoding visual information
Friday 11 Dec, 2009
Armen Stepanyants
Northeastern University
Statistical theory of excitatory synaptic plasticity

Spring 2009

Friday 9 Jan, 2009
Philip Sabes
UCSF- Keck Center for Integrative Neuroscience
Friday 16 Jan, 2009
Fritz Sommer
Functional roles of network dynamics in the peripheral visual system
Friday 23 Jan, 2009
Chris Eliasmith
U. Waterloo
How to build a brain
Friday 30 Jan, 2009
Maxim Volgushev
U. Connecticut
Friday 6 Feb, 2009
Glen Prusky
Weill Cornell Medical College
Experience-Dependent Plasticity of Vision Over the Lifespan
Friday 20 Feb, 2009
Stefan Rotter
Freiburg University
Correlations in Cortical Networks
Friday 6 Mar, 2009
Sophie Deneve
Ecole Normale Superieure
Bayesian inference in neural dynamics
Friday 20 Mar, 2009
David Heeger
New York University
The Normalization Model of Attention
Friday 3 Apr, 2009
Anita Disney
New York University
Friday 10 Apr, 2009
Michael Hasselmo
Boston University
Grid cells and oscillations in entorhinal cortex
Friday 17 Apr, 2009
Pietro Mazzoni
Columbia University
How To Generalize Less During Visuomotor Adaptation
Friday 24 Apr, 2009
Diego Contreras
Friday 1 May, 2009
Andre Longtin
University of Ottawa
Driven recurrent sensory networks and plasticity
Friday 8 May, 2009
Adi Rangan
New York University
Friday 15 May, 2009
Bill Bialek
Princeton University
Efficient representation in genetic networks
Friday 22 May, 2009
Maria Geffen
Rockefeller University
Encoding of natural signals in the olfactory and auditory systems
Friday 29 May, 2009
Lisa Manning
Princeton University
Analyzing transient amplification in material flows: non-normal operators and non-steady states
Friday 19 June, 2009
Patrick Drew
University of California, San Diego
Plumbing the Cortex: Imaging Microvascular Dynamics in the Awake Rodent Brain
Friday 26 June, 2009
Mark Churchland
Stanford University
Stimulus onset quenches neural variability: a widespread cortical phenomenon
Friday 9 Aug, 2009
David Nguyen
Towards the decoding of ripple oscillations based on instantaneous frequency measures

Fall 2008

Friday 12 Sep, 2008
Alex Roxin
Columbia U
Linking behavioral and neuronal models of two-choice decision making
Friday 19 Sep, 2008
Rafael Yuste
Columbia U
Dendritic Spines and Linear Networks
Friday 26 Sep, 2008
Gwendal Le Masson
French Institute of Health and Medical Research
Spinal cord plasticity in the context of chronic pain : an experimental and theoretical study
Friday 3 Oct, 2008
David Field
Cornell U
Information, invariance and the space of natural scenes
Friday 10 Oct, 2008
Marcelo Magnasco
Rockefeller U
Friday 24 Oct, 2008
Rebecca Saxe
Mens Rea: neural mechanisms of belief attribution for moral judgment
Friday 31 Oct, 2008
Henry Abarbanel
Dissecting and Modeling Neurobiological Networks: Dynamical Electrophysiology
Friday 7 Nov, 2008
Bill Geisler
UTexas Austin
Natural Systems Analysis
Friday 14 Nov, 2008
Ilya Nemenman
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Nonlinearity, Memory, and Phase Transitions in Learning
Friday 5 Dec, 2008
Mikhail Rabinovich
UCSD-Institute for Nonlinear Science
Transient versus attractors in the brain
Friday 12 Dec, 2008
Sergei Gepshtein
Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Gabor's Uncertainty Principle and Vision

Spring 2008

Friday 30 May, 2008
Kurt Thouroughman
Washington U
Neural Computation and Human Motor Behavior
Friday 16 May, 2008
Takao Hensch
Harvard University
GABA circuit control of visual cortical plasticity
Friday 9 May, 2008
Tai Sing Lee
Neural encoding of 3D scene statistics for perceptual inference
Friday 2 May, 2008
Alex Reyes
Circuitry underlying neuronal firing in the auditory cortex
Friday 25 April, 2008
Brent Doiron
Univ of Pittsburgh
Microcircuits and Macrodynamics in cortical processing
Friday 18 April, 2008
Stephanie Palmer
Predictive Information in the Retina
Friday 11 April, 2008
Patric Kanold
Univ. of Maryland
Early circuits that regulate cortical development and plasticity
Friday 4 April, 2008
Ifat Levy
Neural correlates of decision-making under risk and ambiguity
Friday 28 March, 2008
Bard Ermentrout
Univ. of Pittsburgh
Reading the thoughts of a mollusk: The neural origins of seashell structure and pattern
Friday 14 March, 2008
Matthew Botvinick
Princeton University
A Computational Substrate for Goal Directed Behavior
Friday 7 March, 2008
Xiao-Jing Wang
Yale University
Neural Circuit Computation of Decision Making
Friday 22 Feb, 2008
Konrad Koerding
Northwestern University
Movement Adaptation: Multiple Timescales and Causes of Motor Errors
Friday 15 Feb, 2008
Yael Niv
Princeton University
Opportunity Costs and response rates: How dopamine helps us choose how hard to work.
Friday 18 Jan, 2008
Uri Rokni
Why Activities of Single Neurons in the Song Motor System do not Reflect the Song Structure
Friday 11 Jan, 2008
Boris Gutkin
Group for Neural Theory, ENS-Paris and College de France.
A Neurodynamics framework for understanding nicotine addiction

Fall 2007

Friday 14 Dec, 2007
Adam Kohn
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Adaptation in the cortical visual hierarchy
Friday 7 Dec, 2007
Philip Holmes
Princeton University
Collective Neuronal Dynamics and Drift-Diffusion Models for Decision Making
Friday 30 Nov, 2007
Bartlett Mel
University Southern California
Some new (and Surprising) Roles for NMDA Channels in Single Neuron Computation
Friday 16 Nov, 2007
Odelia Schwartz
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Natural Image Statistics and Contextual Visual Processing
Friday 9 Nov, 2007
Nathaniel Daw
New York University
Semi-Rational Models of Decision Making: Exploration and Credit Assignment
Friday 26 Oct, 2007
Laurenz Wiskott
Humboldt U.-Berlin
Slow Feature Analysis For Modeling Complex Cells in V1 and its Relationship to Spike Timing Dependent Plasticity
Friday 19 Oct, 2007
Harel Shouval
Learning to represent interval timing
Friday 12 Oct, 2007
Jonathan Victor
Cornell U.
Estimation of information from neural data: why it is challenging, and why many approaches are useful
Friday 28 Sep, 2007
Daniel A. Butts
Cornell U.
Timing precision in the visual system: how and why
Friday 21 Sep, 2007
Nestor Parga
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Predicting the receptive fields of V1 simple cells from the scale properties of natural scenes.
Friday 14 Sep, 2007
Don Katz
Brandeis University
"Single-neuron and network dynamics of taste perception"

Spring 2007

Friday 1 July, 2007
Misha Tsodyks
Weizmann Institute
Short-term synaptic plasticity for short-term memory
Friday 15 June, 2007
Fred Reike
University of Washington
Mechansims generating correlated activity in retinal ganglion cells
Friday 1 June, 2007
Michael Lewicki
Carnegie Mellon University
Information theoretic models of auditory coding
Friday 5 May, 2007
David Blake
Medical College of Georgia
Cortical implant studies of machine learning in sensory discrimination
Friday 27 April, 2007
Jaime dela Rocha
Correlation between neural spike trains increases with firing rate
Friday 20 April, 2007
Geoffrey E. Hinton
U. of Toronto
How to learn many layers of cortical representation without any supervision.
Friday 6 April, 2007
Kamal Sen
Neural Discrimination of Complex Natural Sounds in Songbirds.
Friday 30 March, 2007
Sebastian Seung
Operant Matching: A Unifying Principle for Neuroeconomics.
Friday 23 March, 2007
Olivia White
Friday 16 March, 2007
Nicole Rust
The mechanisms underlying motion pattern invariance in area MT
Friday 2 March, 2007
Angel Peterchev
Columbia University
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: A Non-Invasive Tool for Probing and Modulating Brain Function.
Friday 23 Feburary, 2007
Misha Tsodyks
Weizmann Institute of Science
Context-dependent learning in the visual system
Friday 16 Feburary, 2007
Gordon Pipa
Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies
Neuronal Self Organization in Theory and Experiment: Behaviorally Relevant Cell Assemblies and Plasticity in the Liquid State Machine
Friday 9 Feburary, 2007
Dean Buonomano
Temporal processing and neural dynamics in cortical networks
Friday 2 Feburary, 2007
John Rinzel
Biophysics of timing computations in auditory brain stem.
Friday 26 January, 2007
Tim Vogels
Brandeis/Columbia University
Signal Processing in Neural Networks.

Fall 2006

Friday 15 December, 2006
Mark Goldman
Wellesley College
Dissecting the mechanisms underlying persistent neural activity in a neural integrator.
Tuesday 12 December, 2006
Yang Dan
U.C Berkeley
Coding of natural stimuli in the visual cortex.
Tuesday 14 November, 2006
John Krakauer
Columbia U.
Adaptation to visuomotor rotation: savings and interference.
Friday 10 November, 2006
Bijan Pesaran
Cortical networks for movement planning and execution.
Friday 3 November, 2006
Matthias Wittlinger
U. Ulm.
Path Integration in the Desert Ant Cataglyphis Fortis-odometry and slope detection.
Friday 13 October, 2006
Vijay Balasubramanian
U. Penn.
Natural scene statistics and the organization of the retina.
Friday 29 September, 2006
Gayle Wittenberg
Princeton University
Mapping neural activity patterns onto changes in synapse strength.
Friday 15 September, 2006
David Brainard
U. Penn.
Color from a single cone? A Bayesian model of the appearance of very small spots.

Spring 2006

Monday 9 January 2006
Carl van Vreeswijk
CNRS, Université René Descartes
Shunting inhibition in a spatially extended model neuron
Friday 13 January 2006
Roger Traub
SUNY Downstate
Critical role of electrical coupling in thalamocortical circuits: very fast oscillations (>70 Hz), gamma (30-70 Hz), spindles
Tuesday 24 January 2006, 2pm
Matthias Kaschube
Berstein Center for Computational Neuroscience & MPI for Dynamics and Self-Oranization, Göttingen
A selection principle for the pattern of orientation columns in the visual cortex
Friday 27 January 2006
Adrienne Fairhall
U. Washington
Probing the biophysics of neural computation
Friday 10 February 2006
Konrad Körding
Human Movement as an Optimal Decision Process
Friday 24 February 2006
Todd Troyer
Univ. of Maryland
Temporal variability and the structure of the vocal pattern generator in zebra finches
Friday 10 March 2006
Alfonso Renart
Optimal Transmission of Population Codes in Feed-forward Networks
Monday 20 March 2006
Theo Geisel
MPI for Dynamics and Self-Oranization, Göttingen
Universal scaling laws of human travel -- how dollars help improve epidemic forecasts
Friday 24 March 2006
Roger Ratcliff
Ohio State
The Effects of Aging on Performance on Two Choice RT Tasks
Friday 7 April 2006
Duncan Watts
Six Degrees: The Science of a Connected Age
Friday 21 April 2006
Lance Optican
Visual working memory: New evidence and new theory of how we remember what we just saw
Friday 28 April 2006
Risto Miikkulainen
The University of Texas at Austin
Computational Maps in the Visual Cortex
Friday 5 May 2006
Guoqiang Bi
University of Pittsburgh
Persistent reverberatory activity in small neuronal circuits: dynamics, synaptic mechanisms and plasticity
Friday 19 May 2006
Tatyana Sharpee
From noise to natural signals: Adaptation and optimality of neural representations
Thursday 25 May 2006 4pm
Duane Nykamp
University of Minnesota
Inferring causal subnetworks within neuronal networks
Friday 26 May 2006 10:30am
Christian Machens
Cold Spring Harbor
Flexible control of neural networks: combining short-term memory and decision-making
Tuesday 30 May 2006 12pm
Ila Fiete
UC Santa Barbara
A theory for reinforcement learning in spiking neural networks, with an application to song learning in songbirds
Tuesday June 6 2006 12pm
Alexei Koulakov
Cold Spring Harbor
Activity and chemoaffinity in the development of neural maps
Tuesday June 13 2006 12pm
Eric Shea-Brown
Dynamics of integration and correlation in timing and decisions
Friday 16 June 2006
Sheila Nirenberg
Weill Medical College, Cornell University
Testing hypotheses about neural computations using targeted cell class ablation
Monday 19 June 2006
Matteo Carandini
Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, San Francisco
Dynamics of population activity in primary visual cortex
Tuesday 20 June 2006, 12 pm
Ethan Goldberg
Fast-spiking GABAergic neocortical interneurons: Molecular contributions to cellular function
Wednesday 28 June 2006, 2 pm
Riccardo Zecchina
ICTP, Italy
Learning by message passing in networks of discrete synapses

Fall 2005

Monday 19 September, 2005
Nicholas Brunel
CNRS, Paris
Optimal information storage and the distribution of synaptic weights: experiment vs. theory.
Friday 14 October 2005
Mitya Chklovskii
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Random and specific features of cortical microcircuits
Friday 21 October 2005
Michael Berry
Princeton University Detection and Prediction of Temporal Patterns by the Retina
Friday 28 October 2005
Nestor Parga
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Response properties of Neurons in the High Conductance State
Friday 4 November 2005
Elad Schneidman
Princeton University
Weak pairwise correlations imply strongly correlated network states in a neural population code
Friday 18 November 2005
Fred Wolf
Max Planck Institute, Göttingen
The first micro-seconds in the life of a cortical action potential
Wednesday 23 November 2005
Paul Ganter
Centre for the Biology of Memory, Trondheim, Norway The diversity of hippocampal interneurones - just difficult to describe or functionally relevant?
Friday 2 December 2005
Emilio Salinas
Wake-Forest University
How behavioral constraints may affect optimal sensory representations
Friday 16 December 2005
David Cai
Spatiotemporal Dyanmics of Primary Visual Cortex

Spring 2005

Friday 10 June 2005
John Beggs
Dept. of Physics , Indiana University
Neuronal avalanches may optimize information transmission and storage
Friday 3 June 2005
Bill Bialek
Dept. of Physics, Princeton University
Do real neurons provide an efficient representation of predictive information?
Friday 27 May 2005
Mike Weliky
Dept. of Brain and Cognitive Science, University of Rochester
Development of visual cortical circuit dynamics: Impact upon the emergence of sensory coding
Friday 6 May 2005
Carlos Brody
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Working memory and decision making in a simple model of two-stimulus-interval discrimination.
Friday 29 April 2005
Alex Koulakov
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Modeling retinocollicular development guided by molecular gradients: Neural development as an optimization process
15 April 2005
Harvey Swadlow
University of Connecticut
The impact of a thalamocortical impulse on awake sensory neocortex
Friday 8 April 2005
Alex Pouget
University of Rochester
Bayesian Inference in Cortical Circuits